bike frame bag

The bike frame bag by Retrovelo is a sleek leather solution to biking with a bag. And it even looks great when you're not on the go. Link

hold on tight!

The Hold on Tight bookshelf by Coleen and Eric has a colorful build-in book end. and a great modern design. Link


dietrich labs pen

A designer from Braun has teamed up with Düller and IDEA to create these sleek pens and pencils made of aluminum. Link: $35

Thank you, Iain Claridge


bill amberg herald laptop bag

I really like this laptop bag by Bill Amberg. It features calf leather, a vibrant red interior, a nice big elastic strap for your laptop, and plenty of room for some papers/ pens, and a cell phone. Link: $390



Sorry that I haven't been posting lately, but I've been busy. And with finals coming up, I will be posing less. So don't expect very many posts for the next few weeks. Sorry again! You can always check out my Tumblr, the link is in the side bar.



This is a really awesome clock I must admit, but at some point prices become outrageous. Link: $380

citroen metropolis concept... more

Here are some real life pictures of the Citroen Metropolis Concept, via Luxury Issues.