These speakers don't use electricity al all, instead you attach your earphones to them, and it magnifies the sound! Link: $TBD

a home like air

This is such an amazing house, its so light and... billowing? That's probably not the word but you know what I mean, just check it out.

Thank you, Design Sponge


citroen gq concept

Wow, look, another green sports car. Noticing a trend? Citroen is continuing their revitalization of their lineup with yet another sexily sleek concept. I don't understand how science supports it. It's a hybrid, it has 1.6 litres, and it goes 0-60 in 4.5 seconds.

Thank you, SwipeLife



Milan designers have collaborated with Roca to create this modern sink and toilet combination. That isn't the cool part though, the used water from the sink fills up the water tank for the toilet!

bmw m bike

This is a really awesome looking bike, probably one of the coolest I've seen.

Thank you, Luxury Issues



i want this bedroom

Thank you, FFFFOUND!

modern wood house

Designed by Marcio Kogan, this modern wood house is located in Brazil. The thin grained wood is coupled with glass, an ultra-sleek combination. Also, the wood prevents it from feeling too cold and stark, something that is very common is modern homes. My favorite part though, is the staircase, and the long dining area. I would buy this house just for those reasons. Click "Read More" for more pictures.


liquid art

By Alberto Seveso

Thank you, COOLIST*

oo hd projector

Portable, wireless, and fully HD.


loft in como

This house in Italy is amazing, but does anyone else think it looks like an Apple store?

Thank you, Minimalissimo

morgan aero supersports

Morgan continues to be one of my favorite car companies. They have only improved on their recent limited edition Aero Supersport with chrome accents on the roof, and more direct headlights (so the front looks less like a dizzy fish. Okay, maybe that isn't the best analogy but you get what I mean, right? Good. Despite the hefty price tag, the interior still feels second-hand. That radio looks weird, like something you could buy at a cheap auto store. And the steering wheel is chunky but not very luxurious feeling. Not something you would expect from a $150,000 car. The exterior makes up for it though, that long bonnet is the stuff dreams are made of.


fujifilm gf670

This amazing camera uses regular old film to take pictures. It comes with a Fujinon EBC 80mm lens, a rangefinder, and exposure compensator.

Thank you, Iain Claridge


vintage danish sunglasses

These sunglasses are great from Han Kjobenhavn. I especially like the first ones, and I can cross one of my new years resolutions off if I get some!

she's got me dancing

This song by Tommy Sparks is so energizing! It makes me want to run around....

ipad tv ad

This is a pretty good ad, but I miss the voiceover that is always present in iPhone and iPod Touch ads, and it just seems to speedy and dodgy.  The song is There Goes My Love by The Blue Van.


These sleek headphones have amazing bass, and cancel out unwanted noise. The flat wires are tangle-resistant too. Link: $40-$60


the ever-obnoxious lunch line

Today, while waiting patiently for my lunch, like the saint that I am, a large crowd of *ahem* African-American teenagers skipped me, and about twenty other patient students. This is not a unique occurrence, but the reaction of my friend, Dylan, made it quite comical. During the commotion, the screaming, and yelling, he turned to me, and very nonchalantly said "Why don't they just drop out already?"


microsoft courier

This amazing device leaves me with only two thoughts: "I want one" and "iPad killer". This seems like something Apple should have done, and it seems that The people at Microsoft are picking up slack where the Geniuses got lazy. This is not a giant version of the Zune. It's a completely new UI, ultra intuitive and all. I can hear Steve Job's criticism about having a stylus now, but it works with the "notebook" aura that I'm getting here. It seems more oriented on creative types, and less like a better portable way to play media. One thing I really like here is how the interface seems to work together so well. Unlike the iPad, (which is basically just a fancy iPod OS) which uses "Apps". Even though apps offer a good deal of variety, they don't work together or contribute anything to the overall feel. Here though, everything works together, and it feels like it does. It isn't official that it's going commercial, but I don't have my doubts. Thanks Microsoft, for finally coming up with something revolutionary.

Thank you, Apple Blog

get out(side)!

An amazing outdoor space @Design Milk

rock crystal watch

An amazing watch concept by Sebastian Krabbe.

Thank you, Format


fadeout chair

This Fadeout Chair, designed by Nendo has legs that seem to be in a pool of mist or fog. The wood is actually painted by hand,very skillfully.

campside moccasin

I want these new boat shoes from the Seavees Spring collection. The shape is so classic, and the color is nice and understated. Link: $140

10 creepy abandoned places

A really cool feature at COOLIST

porsche spyder

Beautiful concept by Porsche, 500hp and  it's a hybrid.


the world wide web

wool everywhere!

1937 bmw 328 mille miglia

Thank you, Iain Claridge

the cooper's

Awesomely retro, I love the black grout and the pendant lights
AMAZING clock!
I love the chairs, but the light and that piece of art need to be switched out for something actually nice. I like the glove, though.
The head board is amazing, and the neutral pillows are a perfect contrast to the dark wood. Great chair too, and lots of light. The ceiling seems unfinished though.

Thank you, there was rain

lacoste walkyrie

Lacoste uses a new minimal, and oversized white alligator logo for their Spring Walkyrie shirt. Link


When not in use, the pool can become usable floor space, but when in use the floor is lowered and automatically filled with water.

Thank you, Gizmodo

parliament design headquarters

This is a really cool office space for Parliament Design. It seems haphazard and very bacheloresque, yet controlled, like a lot of thought went into it.

Thank you, Attique