Hand-made acrylic jewelry by plastique* available at Etsy.


vosges rose truffles

My favorite chocolate company-- Vosges, has released these new truffles just in time for Valentine's Day. Piper Heisieck brut rose Champagne, and 65% dark chocolate ganache rolled in rose bud poudre. The box comes with 12 of the truffles, and make sure to eat them within  4 days because they're made with all organic ingredients and real cream, so it perishes very quickly. It's never been a problem for me! Link: $40


anaelle le roy

Cool photographs by Anaelle Le Roy.

audi r8 spyder ad

Audi had already released an ad for the R8 V10 Spyder. Great ad, great car.

green t house

The Green T. House in Beijing is both a spa and restaurant. They also have a wonderfully designed website that you should browse around for a few minutes; it's very energizing. The interior and exterior spaces as well as the spa has won many awards. This would make a very relaxing vacation.

heyday brochures

Great new work by Heydays.

pentax optio l10

This awesome new camera from Pentax has retro styling, 12.1 megapixels, 720p 30 fps video recording, optical 5x zoom, and anti-shake technology. It also has a viewfinder, something most digital cameras don't have-- which I love. Link: $300

luca polinelli

uniform wares limited edition watches

Uniform Wares is releasing a seaires of their watches on limited edition colors. New colors are still being released, but my favorite is the Dark Red. I really like this; I want it!
"Precision Japanese quartz movement, 37mm satin anodised aluminium case, hardened mineral crystal, urethane strap, stainless steel screw case back, water resistant 1ATM, accuracy +/- 15 sec p/m, 4 year battery life." Link: $145

the ipad sucks

The iPad doesn't even support Flash Player or have an iSight camera. Find out more reasons why apple is making a bad habit out of their tablets, at Gizmodo.


apple ipad

  The wait is over; Steve Jobs unvield Apple's latest revolutionary device at the Yurba Buena Center: the iPad. Let's start with the name, the "iPad", which I hate. While this name is growing on me, it was terribly predictable and the rumored "iSlate" was much more thoughtful. However, now, all of their portable devices start with a P, if that was the goal.
  The specs are astonishing though: a 9.7" glass multitouch display, 1.5 pounds, and only half an inch thick. It comes with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, an accelerometer, and, get this: 3G. The storage options come in 16, 32, and 64 gigabytes, and 10 hours of battery life. Every application has been redesigned especially for the iPad, and the iPad will also have it's own store with apps designed specifically for the device. It also can use any of the 140,000 existing app store apps, including the ones you already have downloaded. Speaking of stores, the iPad also has a book store exclusively for the included iBook app.
  One fault, is the interface. The icons on the iPhone and on the iPad are exactly the same, including the size. There are huge, unnecessary gaps between the apps, which could have easily been fixed by making the icons bigger or allowing a fifth icon per slot.  Also, one ridiculous feature is the "Slide to Unlock". This has no purpose considering that the iPad won't be bumping around in your pocket. It just looks weird on the display.
  I hope that the customization options haven't been altered with either. One thing missing too, is the menu bar at the top of the screen. I sure hope this doesn't mean that apps are quit by exiting them. This would make some tasks impossible. Overall, the iPad looks cool, but I will wait a few years before considering getting one. It just seems like it would very buggy. The price isn't what you would expect from Apple though.

  As you can see, they aren't very outrageous. The prices seem to fit what you get better than other Apple products, which is why I think this will be another home-run for this notoriously innovative company. It is absolutely amazing and has unlimited potential to be even better. What I think Apple could only improve on, has already beaten any other competitor. They now, already dominate the tablet market. Microsoft doesn't even have technology advanced enough to compete, I think it will be a few more years before they catch up. View the video here.



CXXVI has great vintage tees and hoodies, lightly distressed; broken in but no holes. Reasonable prices too, t-shirts go for $36 or $46, and hoodies go for $76. In fact, I need some new shirts.

salt city modern

This modern home in Salt Lake City was designed by Apollo 3602.


caulfield preparatory spring 2010

Young and energetic, Caulfield Preparatory is taking a fresh new take on the much visited vintage look.

ndc alithia boot

Boat shoes in boot form. What's not to like? Washed suede with leather strings. Link: $240

atlantic sofa

This wonderfully art deco chair was designed by CuldeSac for Bernhard Design. As you can see it has white leather and dark wooden legs.

Thank you, Dezeen

maserati grancabrio

Maserati just released the new GranCabrio, a topless version of the GranTurismo.


mandarin oriental, barcelona

Barcelona is definitely on my list of places to travel to, and if it's on your list too then you will find this very useful. The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group has just opened a new hotel Passeig de Gr├ácia. The design is, surprisingly, not very Asian-inspired. The rooms are contemporary and warm, with lots of natural light.

sperry topsider by band of outsiders

These classic boat shoes were designed by Band of Outsiders for Bread & Butter. This is a preview for the Spring/Summer collection.

Thank you, Highsnobiety

bulthaup b2 kitchen

If you're looking for a kitchen that doesn't really look like a kitchen, then you will love this one, designed by an award-winning German kitchen manufacturer called Bulthaup. The secret is the two cabinets that close completely, and simply look like armoires. Once they are opened, though, all the kitchen essentials are revealed. The centerpiece is the island that looks like a freestanding table, which houses a sink, a cutting board, and a two burner electric stovetop. If you look closely you san notice a pipe underneath the sink going into the floor, something that I think could have been concealed in one of the table's legs. Overall, this kitchen is one of the best designed I have seen yet, though it its a too small for a family, it would work great in a vacation home.


volkswagen scirocco

Volkswagen is officially unveiling their new Scirocco R this weekend at the N├╝rburgring. It houses a 2.0 TFSI engine that packs 265hp.

the h house

The H House was designed by Group 41 Architects. The house is located in San Francisco, and it has a skyline view of the city. It's a unique home, it in undoubtedly modern but isn't sterile; it has charm. From the front it looks like a small split-level home, but it is actually a 4,500sq ft four story house with 4 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms. More info

pentagram circlular 16

I like the minimal but cluttered look of the new Typographic Circle magazine designed by Pentagram.

rimadesio doors

These doors by Rimadesio are brilliantly simple and perfect for any high-ceilinged modern space.

Thank you, Minimalissimo

zen humidifier

This humidifier by Masuza is made of Japanese cypress and uses no electricity. When you pour water into the base, it is naturally pulled up into the wood and evaporates into the air. The water is also infused with a faint lemony scent from the wood itself. Unfortunately there isn't much information available.

visvim abarth moc dennim-folk

These shoes are made by Visvim and are made with raw denim and feature oiled canvass and metal details.