Restaurant Concepts

Chelsea is located in a tiny side street of paris, in the first floor of an old townhouse overlooking a bustling river. 

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The dress code is laid-back formal. A good example of this would be light slacks, unpressed, with a light sport coat and a ruffled oxford. A tie is optional but not recommended. Loafers are preferred over dress shoes. For women, a spring dress or kakis and a light blouse are appropriate. Comfortable shoes will work perfectly, but no tennis shoes please.
Black walls meld peacefully with distressed exposed brick, framed with time-worn 6" molding. Tufted gold velvet booths line the walls in the narrow space, and a small bar can be found in the middle of the small restaurant. Various antique chandeliers and flickering sconces light the space. Large french doors open to a garden area where topiaries are scattered haphazardly. The small tables are covered with unbleached linen and green hydrangeas are casually placed in unpolished silver cups with tiny tea candles. Ivy and dim christmas lights hang high above, and reflect light off of the black water of the river. Tiny weeds and clovers poke through the uneven brick patio. Waiters dressed in black pants, with a white tuxedo shirt and a black bow tie rush about. Mellow classical music plays slowly over crackley speakers, creating a memorable sound when mixed with the bustle of Paris nightlife.
The menus is laid out in classical french format:  hours d'oeuvres, fish, entrée, salad, cheese, dessert. It is available for viewing or download here. Please respect my rights and cite when publishing elsewhere.
what to expect
A bustling, noisy, and romantic atmosphere with dim lighting and scattered candles. Private dining rooms are available on the second and third levels with a balcony overlooking the river. Reservations are not required but strongly recommended for later hours, as they can be very busy. Hours are from 6-11 every day except Monday. Please do not bring young children, not booster seats are available.