all occasion cards

The minimal all occasion cards simply read thank you, sorry, and fuck you. What more could you need? Link: $36

audi rs5

"The A5 coupe is getting the RS treatment this year taking on a new version of the V8 used in the RS4. The naturally aspirated 4.2 liter V8 produces 450 horsepower and 317 lb-ft of torque. That will take you from 0-62 in 4.6 seconds, all the way to a top speed of 174 mph with the governor removed."

Thank you, Acquire


the lifeguard tower

Steve Lazar built this amazing sea-side  abode.


wassily chair

Wassily chairs are expensive, they can cost up to $2000 dollars. This beautiful chair is just like any other Wassily chair, but the price is much less. Check it out. Link: $300


denim... shirt

A basic, slim fit, oxford-style, denim shirt with a vintage wash and mother of pearl buttons. Link: $100

pierrepont ties

Cool (bow) ties from Pierrepont.


paul smith for stelton

Very classy bar accessories designed by Paul Smith for Stelton, and are being produced in limited editions. Link


puma siluro sf

These are some pretty intense shoes.  Link: $125

samsung dual view

It's about time someone created this. Now you won't have to use trial-and-error when trying to take pictures of yourself. I know someone who would use this, and I'm sure you do too. Link: $300


bell & ross x peugeot

Bell & Ross has collaborated with Peugeot to create this watch.

history of the wassily chair

View the history of the Wassily Chair.

wfdj tribute gallery

There are some cool illustrations at the Nick Dewar tribute gallery.

Thank you, World Famous Design Junkies


louis vuitton concept

I'm puzzled. I keep going back and forth between liking these. This is a concept by Samal Design for Louis Vuitton, inspired by the sharp lines of industrial architecture.

2010 lotus elise

The Lotus Elise gets a much needed facelift at the Geneva Auto Show.

app delete fix, win

When I get really tired, and I decide to rearrange my apps, sometimes I delete one or two on accident. Darn you, drowsiness! I just found a way to fix this. If you accidentally tap the "Delete" button, and this box pops up, just press your Sleep/ Wake button, and the app won't be deleted! Sure this might not happen to you, but I thought it was pretty clever. 

the house de bierings

The House Bierings had beautiful lines, and was designed by Rocha Tombal.

alila villas hadahaa

The Alila Villas in the Southern Maldives, is almost dream-like. Clean design, and beautiful views sum up this resort perfectly. This would be nice for a weekend getaway... Prices start at $945 a night.

Thank you, Contemporist



Absolutely stunning photography of Dubai, by Christopher Wilson.

Thank you, SwipeLife

hardgraft shoulder macbook sleeve

My favorite MacBook accessory company, Hardgraft, has simply put a shoulder strap on their popular Heratige Collection. Link: $185


the swedish (dis)armed forces

The Swedish are known for meatballs and Tempur-pedic beds... not their military. But that's okay because they haven't fought a war since 1813. And since they are so civilized and peaceful, they have decided to redesign their military into a world-wide peace keeping organization. This is a display of their new branding. The top one is the old logo, the bottom is the new one. The logo is supposed to be two hands clasping together, a symbol for "conflict resolution".
The program is optional and for anyone who wants to help, unlike the previous military which was mandatory and for males only. The design seems very simple and straight forward, but a lot went into it, as you can see in the video. Source

cold method spring 2010

Classic and sleek is the epitome of Cold Method's 2010 Spring collection, that premiers tomorrow.

toscana en negro y blanco

Black and white photographs of Tuscany, by Weston Baker.

Thank you, THECOOLIST*