updating this blog is still a chore.

I feel like this blog has been a big influence of my life. As wonderful as it has been, I have found myself not wanting to post, but doing it as a chore. Instead of dragging it out, I will just end this blog here. School will be much more difficult this year as well, and when it starts posts will be even more infrequent. Also, I am using my computer more than I should, and I am going to try to be much healthier. If you have followed The Modern Courtier I would like to thank you for doing so. It will stay open as an archive, but there will be no new posts.
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going out of town

Don't expect posts until after the 23rd! I'll be traveling.

nike world cup installation

This figure in the Carlton Center in Johannesburg was created by Nike out of soccer balls. It's 21 meters tall and incorporates 5,500 balls! Now that the World Cup is over the balls will be donated to local community programs.

(via NOTCOT)

rado centrix jubilé

I'm not one to like gaudy watches. That's why I have to say this is one of my favorites. Rado is releasing the Centrix in a variety of styles, but my favorite is the jubilé. As the name states, it "expresses the circle in its purest form." This particular model features six diamonds set into the glossy black dial, with sapphire crystal glass. link

(via SwipeLife)


the elysian

The Elysian in Chicago is beautiful and refined. It's just what the name states: welcoming, relaxing, luxurious. Those busts in the lobby are amazing, too. There are two restaurants, casual and formal. There is also a pool, along with the spa on the same level. All of the bathrooms are white marble with soaking tubs and LCD TVs set behind the mirrors. The beds are adorned with 460 thread-count Rivolta Carmignani linens. A VOIP phone is in every room, with complementary calling, and complementary wireless internet throughout. They run many specials too, so make sure to check to see if you can get a better deal. link\400


nouveau magasin apple en paris

This is why we love Apple. Not only because they deliver powerful, easy to use, and beautiful products. But because they don't stop until they can get as close to perfection as possible. They have an eye for design, a wow factor, something no other company has. They aren't cold or sterile, and the staff are (usually) friendly and helpful. When was the last time you saw a Dell store that looked like this? I think I'm in love! This store just opened in Paris, and I have to say that it is truly worthy of La Ville des Lumières!  link


borderline vase

The Borderline Vase is made of ceramic, and can clamp onto any shelf or table. It's very industrial, very minimal with the superb functionality and honesty. link


toshiba's attempt at a tablet... the ipad isn't so bad

  This is the Libretto, obviously an attempt to compete with the iPad. It's just a concept but is scheduled to be released before Christmas. Except there is a problem.


davone ray

These designer speakers resemble the iconic Eames chair. Davone makes the speakers with the best quality materials that so they produce great quality sound. They look great too, a nice warm alternative to Bang & Olufsen. link\6000

via Gizmodo

cooking dinner

This is not your usual cooking video. There is great camera angles, straightforward recipes, and old French music playing in the background. The meal is a simple but elegant duck breast, roast potatoes, and salad with lemon and olive oil. By William Hereford. (You can watch it in HD is you click "vimeo".


tip: easily send pdfs to ibooks

This quick little tip will have you syncing PDFs with iBooks in no time. Hassle free.
1. Find your iTunes folder (~Music> iTunes)
2. Right click the iTunes folder and click "Make Alias"
3. Name the alias "Save PDF to iTunes"
4. Open a new finder window and navigate to the "PDF Services" folder (~Library> PDF Services) If there isn't one there, simply create one with that exact name.
5. Drag the iTunes alias to the PDF services folder
6. Press command+P, then press the PDF dropdown window and select " Save PDF to iTunes" On anything you want to save as a PDF to iTunes.
*This will work with saving a PDF to any folder. Simply create an alias of that folder, name it what you want it to say in the drop down menu, and drag it to the PDF Services folder.

via TheAppleBlog

holga d

This minimal camera is not for sale and might not ever be. It was designed by Saikat Biswas, inspired by the vintage Holgas. It features an intentional lack of features; a departure from the digital trend. The camera is digital, there is an SD card that needs to be inserted near the batteries. Just like in the good ol' days, you have to wait to see what your pictures will look like, creating a "delayed gratification". The camera has a 12mega-pixel sensor, which is also out dated. I like how it displays the "remaining frames" as if it was a film camera, nice touch. Also, the fact that the display is e-ink will keep power consumption at a minimum. You can choose the aspect ratio, shutter speed and ISO . There is a slot for accessories like flash and a viewfinder, which is something I see gradually disappearing in cameras. I would mush rather use a viewfinder than a display, and it would have been something I would have liked to see here. Otherwise, you're just shooting blindly which seems kind of pointless. I think this is a slight case of form over function. Still, I want one. link

via Minimalissimo