harrier & jaguar

Harrier and Jaguar 2010 by Fiona Banner.
Showing at Tate Britain, 28 June 2010 – 3 January 2011.

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carre h

The Carre H is a collaboration with Herm├Ęs and architect Marc Berthier. The shape is a classic, the minimality is contemporary, and the detailed center resembles a computer chip. For me at least. This is a superbly beautiful watch. The restraint and detail is evident and the quality of the materials is understated. The case is gunmetal titanium and the glass is (predictably) sapphire. It's powered by a Sowind/Girard-Perregaux movement that has a reserve of 44 hours. The production is limited to 173 pieces. Of course, the limited run and the brad will have you paying twice what you should. link\15,000

apple of my eye

This video has been completely shot and edited on the iPhone 4, by Majek Pictures.

blazon gleam pendant

With a lot of these modern pendants you really need to have a cool looking lightbulb for it to have a nice effect. I like this copper one from Anthropologie. link\100



I love this sticker by Hu2 for the MacBooks. It's so clever! I'm not the type of person to put a sticker on mine, but I just adore this. link\£20

v lock

The V Lock is a concept designed by Junjie Zhang. The way it works is simple: the "V" shaped design helps guide your key into the hole without effort. Simply brilliant. Why has it taken so long for an idea like this to surface?

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truncheon lamp

The Truncheon lamps have been designed by New York's Commonwealth for the furniture manufacturer Mattermade. There is a precise scalloped texture on the wooden part of the lamp as part of an advanced digital procedure. The wood is your choice of Maple or Walnut and the base is either bronze or HydroCal. There is a task light and suspended light for sale, and they come fitted with energy-saving LEDs. link

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2010 porsche cayenne

The new Porsche Cayenne looks really great, and from the side it vaguely resembles a Tiguan. It weighs 400 pounds less than the previous model! It goes 0-62 in less tine than the Boxter (about 4.5 seconds). The new interior looks great, it fits in with the Panamera now. There is also a hybrid version available. link


marina bay sands skypark

The Sands SkyPark rests 200 meters above Singapore. The deck is equivalent to the length of the Eiffel Tower laid on its side, and it can hold up to 3,900 visitors at a time. There is a 150-meter infinity pool, bar, and over 500 different species of wild life. The Marina Bay Sands Hotel can be found here also.


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christian woo

Christian Woo's pieces are hand made with sustainable harvested wood, hand rubbed with oil stains. The quality of the pieces are really amazing. I don't know wether it's art or furniture. This is a dresser from the Covert Collection that will officially launch at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair.


the visual diary of keith watts

The Visual Diary of Keith Watts is a website of great everyday sketches.

pull by e27

I really like the form factor of these honey-comb looking lamps, designed by the Dutch firm e27. The base is laser-etched stainless steel that's been stretched out. The result is a beautifully overpriced lamp. It's available directly from their store, in floor and table models. link\1200

new mac mini

The Mac Mini got quietly updated last week, and went mostly unnoticed due to all the hype about iPhone 4. As you can probably conclude from the picture, it finally fits in with its family with the new unibody construction. The grapics are 2x faster with a NVIDIA GeForce chip, an easily removable bottom panel to access it's internals is new, and a HDMI port too. The price has been increased as well, by $200, which is a tad confusing. link\700

manhattan print

I love this print by Jennifer Hill; it color codes the neighborhoods in Manhattan. 15% of the proceeds go to Medecins Sans Frontiers, an organization that provides urgent care for war victims in third world countries. link\40


updating this blog has become a chore.

I find myself not wanting to have this blog anymore. I don't usually finish things, my last website lasted 6 months. In an effort to revamp this blog, the post will become much less main-stream and more personal. Expect more frequent updates.

ray ban aviator

Ray Ban's aviator gets an update, the fame is now titanium. Link: $165

Thank you, Acquire


burning love

Burning Love has some really great felt tech accessories!

iphone 4

If you haven't watched the video yet, you probably should. It'll get you even more excited.
The hardware
The iPhone 4 will have its very own A4 chip, made by Apple. Very similar to the one in the iPad. If you own an iPhone you know how horrible the battery can be. Well, it has ben fixed; up to 7 hours of straight talk time and 6 hours of straight 3G internet usage. The camera has received some much-needed attention as well, it's now 5 megapixel, with LED flash. It can also shoot full HD 780p video. If you haven't already heard from the leak, there is also a front-facing camera for video chat, but there isn't any specs available yet for it. The body is now encased with optically laminated aluminosilicate glass with an oleophobic coating. In English, that means it uses super hard glass (30x stronger than plastic) with a built-in screen protector and a no-smudge coating. There is a steel band that goes around the device, with no new buttons. The new Retina display has the highest resolution display ever on a mobile device; 326 pixels per inch! There are two new microphones to help with noise cancelation–the one you put to your ear, and another on the bottom by the speakers. The new memory sizes are 16GB and 32GB, so more room and more speed.
Everything else
The feature that everyone is talking about is of course, the multitasking. Double tap the home button, and the screen slides up to reveal running apps; it's that simple. A new app being released by Apple is iMovie for $5.99. From what I can see from the website, it looks quite intuitive, and there most likely won't be too many features, as it should be. The iBooks app is no surprise, but it will also be available for download, probably for free. The front facing camera can be used in the Camera app, so it's much easier to take a picture with yourself and a friend now; before it was practically impossible, searching for the tiny shutter button. FaceTime works as an addition to the Phone app, and video calls can only be made with other iPhone owners. Hopefully third-party apps (like Skype) will have access to video-chatting, but it would be just like Apple to hold off on that and release it later as a "new feature". The folders feature works by simply holding an app until it jiggles, and then dropping it onto another app. The folder is automatically named with what category they were in in the App Store. There is also a orientation lock that can be enabled, but there isn't a physical switch like on the iPad. Mail now has a (much anticipated) unified inbox, and conversations can be ordered by thread. Unfortunately there were no updates to the iPod, Safari, or Maps applications. I was looking forward to the Turn-by-Turn directions, or a more feature-rich Safari. It will be available for pre-order on the 15th, and to buy on the 24th for the same old $199 price.