microsoft courier

This amazing device leaves me with only two thoughts: "I want one" and "iPad killer". This seems like something Apple should have done, and it seems that The people at Microsoft are picking up slack where the Geniuses got lazy. This is not a giant version of the Zune. It's a completely new UI, ultra intuitive and all. I can hear Steve Job's criticism about having a stylus now, but it works with the "notebook" aura that I'm getting here. It seems more oriented on creative types, and less like a better portable way to play media. One thing I really like here is how the interface seems to work together so well. Unlike the iPad, (which is basically just a fancy iPod OS) which uses "Apps". Even though apps offer a good deal of variety, they don't work together or contribute anything to the overall feel. Here though, everything works together, and it feels like it does. It isn't official that it's going commercial, but I don't have my doubts. Thanks Microsoft, for finally coming up with something revolutionary.

Thank you, Apple Blog

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