the drunk engineer

If you haven't heard already, an apple employee that was testing the new iPhone left it at a bar, a guy picked it up, and sold it to Gizmodo for 5k. Here is the down-low. Story iPhone
There is a ton of new stuff including:
-A new aluminum body. It isn't the unibody design though, you can see the seams in the picture.
-A front facing camera. That's right, two cameras on this phone. Perhaps for a new iChat app?
-Much better camera, with flash.
-New chips made by exclusively by Apple itself. Obviously much faster and bigger.
-A much higher resolution screen,
-The design is slightly smaller, but Gizmodo says its a tad lighter and feels much more sturdy in the hand. This is obviously due to the new aluminum.
-The back is still plastic though, making the whole thing aluminum would cut too much of the reception range off.
-Multitasking, even though I think it's over-rated, it's a good feature to have.

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