tip: easily send pdfs to ibooks

This quick little tip will have you syncing PDFs with iBooks in no time. Hassle free.
1. Find your iTunes folder (~Music> iTunes)
2. Right click the iTunes folder and click "Make Alias"
3. Name the alias "Save PDF to iTunes"
4. Open a new finder window and navigate to the "PDF Services" folder (~Library> PDF Services) If there isn't one there, simply create one with that exact name.
5. Drag the iTunes alias to the PDF services folder
6. Press command+P, then press the PDF dropdown window and select " Save PDF to iTunes" On anything you want to save as a PDF to iTunes.
*This will work with saving a PDF to any folder. Simply create an alias of that folder, name it what you want it to say in the drop down menu, and drag it to the PDF Services folder.

via TheAppleBlog

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