code x yacht

"Minimal" and "Yacht" are two words that aren't often used in the same sentence; which is exactly why the Code X Yacht brings a completely new and refreshing perspective to motor yachts. This 47 foot beast of a water craft is powered by two Ilmor Formula One Engines, with 710hp each, making the top speed 80 knots. What's more amazing is that these engines are powered by lithium ion batteries. Along with these two powerful engines, comes two extra electric engines, powered via solar panel, for leisurely cruising at 9 knots. It also has two fossil fuel tanks, just incase.

     Code X is a revolutionary Swiss company, that is behind the production and design of one of the world's first green yachts. Another feature of this ground breaking (or I should say water breaking) catamaran is the Virtual Anchor System that, when turned on, can use GPS to automatically adjust its stance to stay in the same place despite wind or water currents.
     Then, there is the design. The simplicity and restraint is almost dumbfounding. The sleek silver against the contrasting black is a classic combination that is yet to be reckoned with, yet the lines are anything but ordinary. There is definitely a Bond-esque feeling present here; the styling radiates avant garde, and I cannot help but applaud Code X for not leaving it up to Wally to do things differently in the yacht world.

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