le chandelier

   If you have ever been to London then you know what I mean when I say that there are tea shops on every corner like there are Starbucks' in New York City. This one isn't like that though; this one is classified among the sit-down tea rooms that Europe is famous for. Don't expect to find any tassels or silk here though, it's not like the Ritz~Carlton.
   When you walk in Le Chandelier you can expect to see a comfortably eclectic interior with everything from Moroccan mosaics to french artwork. Hanging from above is an sporadic array of antique French and Italian chandeliers that are available for purchase.

   This quaint little tea room sells fresh-baked pastries for breakfast, casual wines, and lunchtime specials. Of course, I cannot neglect to mention their huge selection of imported specialist teas from China, India, Taiwan, and Japan.

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