writing exercise #1

My ultimate question with life is, “Is life written in pen or pencil”?
One would say life is written in pen, because what is done will always have been.  It’s not erasable.  I mean you can cover it with white-out, but anyone who cares enough will notice.  You can write over it, but thats just brutish and messy.  And keep in mind you can’t just throw the page away and start on another one.  The reason is that in this thought the page is you.  The page is the person and to destroy the page is to destroy yourself.
So if you can not destroy the paper and start from scratch, but people change, then life must be written in pencil you might think.  You can erase the past.  Though it always remains faintly visible.  The indentations in the page where you wrote, erased, brushed away, and wrote over.  They will live on.
Or perhaps my thinking is too shallow.  Perhaps we are not a sheet of paper.  Perhaps we are a book constantly being written.  We are authors equipped with no erasers nor whiteout.  Unable to change what is being written, just turning the page and writing.  Only able to point people to different pages, or talk about a different way to view what was written.  And when we die the editors will scramble to our pages and write the story of “who we were”.
So pen or pencil, it really doesn’t matter when you control what the editors say.  Plus they use neither pen, nor pencil.
They use computers.

Its time for a book burning.
-Philip D
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