the laidley house

The Laidley House was designed an built by Zack| de Vito Architecture. The house is a single family home, located in San Francisco. It's just over 3,000sq ft with three bedrooms and three bathrooms. It uses an open-style floorplan which enhances the city and bay views. 90% of the house was built off site using a pre-fab technique and was assembled in only 3 1/2 weeks!

I like this blue color

Nice outdoor lighting


I love the floating staircase

More views!

I think a softer rug would work better, something with a more complex pattern would really liven up this space

I like the stainless steel backdrop and countertops, the natural light is very abundant

It would've been cool if they carried the floor stain up onto the cabinets

The white walls makes this area look unfinished, the couch looks cheap, the orange pillows don't tie in anywhere, and I don't know what to think of the coffee table

I like the dark wood, but the railings should match

Great light/dark contrast between the concrete and the wood

The floors really pop here, and the art is nice

There needs to be a headboard for the bead, and it looks like they kept their pillows form college; I like the views

I like the mirror and how it spans the width of the wall, the floating vanity is cool; I don't understand the purpose of that square black thing, if it's art it's ugly, if it's a shelf it's impractical

This bedroom looks amateur and the bed looks like it's from IKEA

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